Thursday, April 10, 2008

KUDOs April 8

The April 8 issue had much good work and some good reporting, considering that the majority of our staffers were busy with the annual Texas Intercollegiate Press Association convention in College Station, April 3-6. That being said, the issue is very good. Good work on the Legacy Ball feature on the back page. The story is solid. The photos could have been stronger, but they work. Page 7 had an excellent feature story by Jami Rash on Dr. Sonny Davis. Well done Jami. Thanks. I would have liked to have seen a current photo of Dr. Davis. We assigned this. Why didn't we run it? Nice sports page. Much better from the previous week. Jav-a-stats strong again. The editorial page had two strong opinion pieces and two good columns. Good job, Kristie Vela and Michelle Leal. Page 4 had two good stories and nice modular layout. Mary Beth Cleavin and Emily Lane wrote the stories. The Chicken Wire art layout is "cute." I don't like "cute." Who did this? Page 3 is solid campus news. I'm sorry that they were all staff reports, but it works. Page 2 has a quaint layout on Miss TAMUK. I would have liked something bigger. The Who's Your Daddy layout could have been better and the question should focus more on campus news. Still, it's functional. Good job on the layout. Page 1 was a nice try. The Atterberry/Blue Angels story "clear for take off" is well thought out and the article is well done. Emily Morin and Patrick Desmond had good hard-breaking news stories on this page. That being said, Patrick Desmond gets KUDOs for this week. Patrick had a front page lead story, wrote a column for the Sports Page and designed Page 2. Great job, Patrick. You're in the pot for the $100 KUDOs scholalrship to be awarded at the "-30- Banquet."

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