Thursday, May 8, 2008

-30- Party set for Monday

The annual "-30- Party" will be sponsored by the Javelina Press Club Monday, May 12, at the Pizza Parlour in Kingsville. This is a time when staff members of The South Texan and the Press Club come together to reflect on a year of achievements and hard work. Awards for serving on the staff and club will be presented while the outgoing editor will bid farewell and the incoming editor will announce principal members of his/her new staff for the coming school year. The Press Club president will also say farewell and give an end-of-year review. Now, why is it a "-30- Party?" The designatin "-30-" has long been a tradition of saying it's "the end" of a story in journalism. Legend hold that its origins date back to the 19th century when reporters filing stories via telegraph from the expanding westward movement of our country had to find some way to denote the story had ended. The mark "-30-" emerged. Thus, "-30-" means "the end" in journalism. The Javelina Press Club has taken its meaning to a new level, however. Unofficial "-15-" (mid-year or end of Fall semester) parties have been known to occur. Of course, someone must have had a "-1-" party somewhere down the line. At any rate, the end-of-year function is designed to recognize the hard work of students, reflect on a job well done and investigate how each of us can improve and to make plans for the new year. It's a special time. The Javelina Press Club has added a juried contest (judged by professional journalists) to the list of events to make the meeting special. It should be fun. All J Majors are invited.

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