Wednesday, February 13, 2008

KUDOS for 1st 3 weeks

One of the traditions at The South Texan is to name a "Staffer or Staffers of the Week." This honor is called "KUDOS." Each KUDOS recipient becomes eligible for the drawing of $100 scholarship at the end of the semester during The South Texan and Javelina Press Club annual "-30- Party" or end-of-the-year gathering. The KUDOS winner will have displayed dedication to their fellow staffers and the newspaper and should have gone above and beyond their required duties.
Managing Editor Roberta Flores exemplified the KUDOS spirit for this year's first issue of The South Texan. She covered one page one story, one campus news story and designed a page. her leadership is a critical part of The South Texan newsroom. KUDOS to you, Bobbie!
Graphic designer Cat Myers is the recipient of the KUDOS award for week two of The South Texan. Cat took on the story of alumna Carmen Lomas Garza's visit to the campus. The art work with this blog is one of Lomas Garza's most recognizable cultural works. A mother is trying to cure her child's earache with an old-fashioned home remedy. Cat also took the initiative of helping to add some "flair" to the page one package. Cat has also been a reliable leader in the newsroom this semester. Her efforts in all areas have not gone unnoticed. KUDOS to you, Cat!
The third week of The South Texan saw the ushering in of a new look to our Sports page. As the new sports editor, Jaime's vision for the sports page included a very professional look, including Jav-a-Stats. Jaime has taken possession of the sports page and made it his own. KUDOS to you, Jaime.

The staff has started off well this semester. This week the paper was mostly finished by Monday morning. This was a great effort by all. Keep up the good work, all and remember-- work hard enough and you could be $100 bucks richer at the end of the year!

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Rosa said...

A great start to the new year. Wow.