Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spring Semester Issues

The first three issues of The South Texan have been produced and are now history. Editor Dominique Garcia and her staff have done an admirable job with limited resources and with much volunteer effort. The last two issues, in particular, have been outstanding. The new page 2 design has brought a new level of interaction with the student body with a new feature that includes questions and answers on a variety of topics. The Jav-a-Bit section includes news TAMUK students would not usually read in a student newspaper - like the premier of alumna Eva Longoria Parker's new movie. Eva's picture is featured with this posting. It's hard to imagine that not too long ago she was taking a Structure of the Arts class here at TAMUK, was elected Miss TAMUK and was a cheerleader for the Javelinas. The "briefly" section and "police blotter" are also designed very well and have interesting information for out students. The staff continues to do a good job with its news coverage, features, layouts and design. Our new associate editor - Juan Carlos Reyes - is revamping the ed-ops page so that it includes more poignant controversial issues. Our new sports editor - Jaime Gonzalez - is revamping the sports section to include Jav-A-Stats so that the student body has a vehicle to see Lone Star Conference standings and other reports which normally do not appear in media in South Texas. Overall, it's a good start for the semester and more is in store.

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Rosa said...

Eva is always good news. Why hasn't the university tried to get her to come visit more? Well done. Nice P2.